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Why was this catalogue built?


This catalogue is one of the results of the research carried out under the master's degree in HaFaBra Conducting of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (The Netherlands), by Renata Oliveira, with  Anna Scott and André Granjo has co-advisors, and Alex Schillings as the main-subject (conducting) teacher.

In Portugal, as far as it was possible to assess by the time of this research proposal, only two established women composers have written works for wind band or large wind ensemble: Berta Alves de Sousa, who composed Porto Heróico in 1943; and Maria de Lourdes Martins, who composed Rapsódia de Natal, Rondó and Suite de Danças Tradicionais Portuguesas in 1978. In a country with an important tradition of wind band music practice as Portugal, it seemed strange that so few women composers have used this medium to convey their musical ideas. In order to put the production of female composers for this medium in perspective, we researched relevant works from as many European female composers as possible.

This research did not intended to be a social-political analysis. Rather it proposed to build and gather information that was laking, in our opinion, in the current academic research of the field.

To be more efective in our goals, we build an online version of the physical catalogue, so this information can be consulted worldwide and updated trough time.

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